Monday, January 28, 2013

#CityLightSeries - An Instagram Sensation

What is your favorite thing about New York City in winter time?

Mine is the lights.
It's like the whole big bad city is covered by glitter showers.

Oh yes, mine is definitely the lights.
In fact, I took my fixation with lights into a whole new level.
I created #CityLightSeries on Instagram.

Care to join me?
Take photos of any lights you like in anywhere in the world and attach #CityLightSeries hashtag to your photo.

 Let's see if we can turn a series into a sensation before this winter comes to an end.

Here's some of what we have so far:
Cava Wine House, New York

Rockafeller Tree 2010
The Summit Bar - New York, NY
West Village, New York
Upper West Side - New York, NY
Ayza Wine House - New York, NY
West Village, New York
5th Ave, New York
Upper West Side, New York
Mystic, CT
Want to see more? 
Right here!

Come on now.
Show me the light!

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