Monday, January 28, 2013

#CityLightSeries - An Instagram Sensation

What is your favorite thing about New York City in winter time?

Mine is the lights.
It's like the whole big bad city is covered by glitter showers.

Oh yes, mine is definitely the lights.
In fact, I took my fixation with lights into a whole new level.
I created #CityLightSeries on Instagram.

Care to join me?
Take photos of any lights you like in anywhere in the world and attach #CityLightSeries hashtag to your photo.

 Let's see if we can turn a series into a sensation before this winter comes to an end.

Here's some of what we have so far:
Cava Wine House, New York

Rockafeller Tree 2010
The Summit Bar - New York, NY
West Village, New York
Upper West Side - New York, NY
Ayza Wine House - New York, NY
West Village, New York
5th Ave, New York
Upper West Side, New York
Mystic, CT
Want to see more? 
Right here!

Come on now.
Show me the light!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Winter in Connecticut in Style

It could be because I'm getting closer and closer to the danger zone in the world of numerical systems, the big 3 - 0.

Or it could simply be because I'm very sensitive about this issue; not sure what the exact reason is but I just cannot spend birthdays like they were just another day.

Birthdays are special and therefore must be spent in a special way.
My formula for "special" goes something like this:

(Loved ones + happiness)(travelfashion) - normal = Special

So on Wednesday, January 16 -my birthday- I did what was only acceptable when faced with the above equation;
Took the day all to myself, hopped on a car with my boyfriend at the wheel and did a mini day trip to Connecticut, 
in style but of course.

We went to three of the "Constitution State"s  main towns along the coastline: 
Stamford, New Haven and Mystic.
Here's a bit of what they look like in winter.

Stamford, CT

Cafe Oo La La
Cozy little cafe famous for breakfast
Things that might be so insignificant for anyone else are usually very eye catching for me.
Take this bottle of apple juice for instance. How can I not take a photo of it?! 
It's too cute.

Yale University
New Haven, CT

 One of my many lists of places to see is the list of all 
Ivy League schools.
So far, I've been to 
3-University of Pennsylvania
 and now,
4-Yale University
4 down, 4 to go.
Here's number 4; Yale.
 As we waved goodbye to New Haven and Yale, I was feeling very lucky to have snow on my birthday. Let's not forget that I'm a January child! I love snow and I am heartbroken that it hasn't really snowed in New York in 2 years like it used to, like it's supposed to. But at least on my birthday, I was able to enjoy a little bit of white goodness.

Before our next stop, Mystic, let's give a warm round of applause to the man, who made this trip possible.
Ma boo! ;)

Mystic, CT
Mystic is a small coastal town, which is exactly why we wanted to go there.
We were very specific with my birthday wish list.
To enjoy some great clam chowder soup followed by lobster rolls, accompanied by a local beer and be by the water. 
If you're looking for a similar experience, I definitely recommend the The S&P Oyster restaurant. It was everything we were looking for and more.
Cute, aren't they?

I might go back to these places to see what they look like in summer. 

Travel is a necessary element in my special birthday equation but "What about fashion?" I hear you ask.

Here's my Friday night out.
Birthdays are just not complete without a good old-fashioned indoor party with lots of friends and little bit of booze.
You know, as little as a shot glass would take, or two, or five. 
Who's counting?!
Vintage dress designed and made in New York by "Night Vogue";
Found in Puerto Rico; rocked the party back in New York by moi
I found the Head-piece from Filene's Basement when they were going out of business.
I've seen similar evening dresses by the same brand here, here and hereObviously mine is the best among all
Night Vogue vintage evening dress finds.
Although I have to admit, this one doesn't look so bad either.

Vintage is the essence of fashion my friends, 
for fashion is very much like history. 
It repeats itself.
And so will my birthday.
But that's OK.
Vintage and ladies only get more precious by time.