Thursday, November 22, 2012

Puerto Rico

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving!
Because normal people travel on holidays such as Thanksgiving, I went ahead and traveled the week before.

My boyfriend and I went to Puerto Rico. We rented an apt for a week and stayed near Old San Juan. 
(and used AirBNB to find our place. We were extremely happy and we recommend it to everyone.)

This is our story.
In photos

- inevitably lots of them -

Art and Architecture
Old San Juan

Use of shades is recommended. This city is BRIGHT!

Castillo San Felipe del Morro

Inside and Out

I think I am 
overly obsessed with


Here are just a few...

Even the laundry places are so unexpectedly 
artistic and beautiful here.


Street Art

Was surely surprised to find Warhol in Old San Juan 
but then again, 
where do all the American free spirits run off to when they feel rebellious?
 Certainly not Alaska.

 German!? OK.

Do not feed the roaches.
You can, however, offer them rum.

Cool Rides

 S EX 0069
was his license plate.

 Can't really explain this one. 
Puerto Rico is full of crashed cars that are just left unrepaired.

Why? Beats me.

For sale, too.

Hidden away in somebody's garage in Miramar lies a sweet Pontiac.

Living Things

(with a British accent, 
because this thing is obviously British! Look at it!)

Light Me a Cigar, Pour Me a Drink

Local beer, Medalla Light.
Great beer, just don't ask to try the regular Medalla.
There is none.

 Anybody wants some...whiskey?

Cigar Lounge,

where only cigar smoke can mingle with men talk.

Personal Favorite
For me this is the perfect summary of Puerto Rico 
in the perfect shot.
Beautiful women
Art and Love
Loud and Peaceful
Left and Right
Old and New
Picturesque all in all

Hope you enjoyed!
Till next adventure,
Hasta la Vista!