Sunday, October 21, 2012

Apartment Facelift

I believe that places can be dressed just as well as people. So I started experimenting with the interior design world. I figured that some call it home design, others call it redecoration.

I call it,
And fun starts at one's own habitat.

Our story, my boyfriend and I, begins with us being students in New York and we all know what that means...BROKE. 

So for us, home design meant free or almost free furniture hunting from Craigslist or the very streets of the big bad city. We did end up making a couple of trips to the world-famous cheap cookie cutter furniture store some like to refer to as Ikea. However that was only for super small items like...

shot glasses.

After almost 4 years of living in the city and upgrading from studentship to paid slavery, we were finally able to give a facelift to our apartment.

Here's the story.

Not much to tell about these items really...
Mainly second hand furniture gathered from here and there.

Above were my favorite items actually.
$5 Glass vase found at flea market in Chelsea combined with my
Ws and New Yorkers.

Good stuff.



and even more  IKEA with a little bit of apple-juice.

One last look at the happy little memories...

You can run
You can hide
But you WILL end up in Ikea.
Again and again.
No matter what.
So deal with it.
We did.

 But we did go to other stores too, this time.
With wall color selection at Home Depot being our 
favorite painful activity.

Speaking of painful...
We (well not really, just my boyfriend) 
did end up hurting several joints. 
But what's a knee or a wrist when you're trying to see 
the big picture!

Right, love?

Some real painting action going on here!
So stand clear, pros are working.

Pretty chaotic I know.
But that's why I love it!

If you think interior design is all about the cool and elegant,
think again.
There is a lot of climbing and jumping and monkeying involved indeed.

I will stop talking and let you enjoy the view now.
Do come back soon!
I'll go back to clothes again,
for a while.

  From Istanbul street art to Banksy to graphic New York City
We've got a little bit of everything
on our minds and in our hearts.

Picasso is close friends with Miles,
at least on my wall they are.

  Flea market finds from Upper West Side

  Pillows from 

 I (heart) my Piggy Money Bank from the Container Store

  Fun Martini glasses from CB2

  Old Turkish coffee cups from Istanbul

Vintage Baccarat Whiskey decanter 
both found at 
Green Flea Market on Upper West Side

One happy interior designer at her home sweet home.